Most important skills for a beginner Data Analyst

Most important skills for a beginner Data Analyst

Nov 19, 2022·

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What are the most important Data Analyst Skills, Employers want you to have as a fresher ?


The straight forward answer is SQL and POWER BI.

A data analyst is someone who uses technical skills to analyse data and report insights. A data analyst will commonly need to retrieve data from one or more sources and prepare it for numerical and categorical analysis. It's very rare to find a data science role that doesn't require data visualisation, which makes it a key data analyst skill.

Below are some free resources to learn SQL and POWER BI. You can pick any from the mentioned to learn and practice that particular skills.

Learn SQL : ( LearnSQL ) (Khan Academy) ( Alex The Analyst)

Practice SQL : (Stratascratch) (Hackerrank )

Learn Power BI : ( LeilaGharani ) (Alex The Analyst)

Practice Power BI : (Codebasics) (Codebasics)